Help your child manage anxiety by joining the Coping Cat's group starting May 7th at 4pm at Kells Counselling!

Coping Cat is an effective program in teaching children to recognize and cope with anxiety. This group is being led by Alyssa Ryan, one of Kells' interns, and is supervised by Laura Clark, Kells' Senior Psychologist. Alyssa will help your child to develop and practice strategies that help him/her manage their anxiety. Children gain emotional awareness, self-confidence, and skills for positive self-talk through the program. Coping Cat is designed to strengthen children who are experiencing emotional, mental and/or physical effects of anxiety. 

More Details

The group is appropriate for ages: 8 to 13 years 

This is an 8-week program with a total of 8 sessions. The group will be running Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:30 pm from May 7 -  June 25. Contact Kells reception at (780) 430-GROW (4769) to sign up!

Program Price

Registration fee: $65. Covers Child Workbook & Parent Companion book and holds your child's spot in the group.

Session fee: $60 x 8 sessions = $480

The total cost is $545. Payment is due in advance but can be divided into three payments: Registration fee ($65), $240 at first session, and $240 due at 5th session. Kells accepts Visa, Mastercard, and debit. Direct billing is available for Child and Family Services