Kells Counselling is pleased to announce that Janet Ryan-Newell, Senior Psychologist and founder of the Family Solutions Group, has re-opened her counselling practice. Call (780)430-GROW (4769) to book an appointment!

With over thirty years of learning and advocacy experience, Janet has developed an extensive base of expertise. Her distinctive approach has developed through her years of front line experience as a parent, foster parent, teacher, psychologist, and executive director of a consortium of agencies. Janet's unique approach to working with individuals and families integrates her extensive base of professional experience, with practical directness and a sense of humor.  This often results in accelerated progress for individuals and families.

As well as being available for traditional psychological services, Janet offers clients the option of a Clinical Team Intervention.  In this approach, Janet works collaboratively with the client to identify their unique barriers to wellness. Together they develop a comprehensive intervention plan.  Once the plan is in place, clients work directly with Janet, interns, and mental health therapists, to build lasting change for wellness.

Janet's specialties include Relationship Counselling, Parent Counselling, Child & Teen Counselling, Play Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Survivors of Abuse Therapy, EMDR Trauma Therapy, Grief and Loss Therapy, Family Interventions, Assessment and Diagnosis, Learning Function Assessment, and Organizational Psychology.  Janet is recognized as an Expert Witness both in Provincial Family Court and at the Court of Queen's Bench.

Contact Kells intake manager to find out if seeing Janet is right for you! Call (780)430-GROW (4769)