Morgan McClelland

Key Worker

Morgan graduated from her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with distinction, from Athabasca University in 2017. She has been working with youth and families for the past 6 years and has found the most joy in working with at-risk and high-risk youth with complex needs. Morgan was recently accepted into her Masters of Psychology with a concentration in Forensics. She hopes to complete this within the next year and continue growing both professionally and personally.

Morgan wants to open her own non-profit organization one day for individuals with major mental health disorders. She hopes this will be a multifaceted treatment facility.

Morgan loves writing and has created her own website for blogging/sharing stories of those who live with various mental illnesses. She is passionate about the positive growth of people. Morgan also plays guitar and sings. Her dog enjoys this greatly and is definitely her biggest fan. Her favourite saying is something she adapted from Grey’s Anatomy and it is that “every day is a beautiful day to change lives.”

She also thinks that the word “Superfluous” is the best word in the English language.