Estate Organization

We make your life easier…         

Downsizing or estate liquidation can be an enormous task, and in this busy world with so many competing pressures, it can be overwhelming. Anybody can benefit from external assistance through the complex process of sorting through and organizing a household.

You don’t have to do it on your own!

When we partner with your family, we eliminate as much of that stress as possible. And we know that every family has a unique set of needs and a different budget, so we work directly with you to create a personalized service plan estimate.

How to get started?

Your first contact can be just a call for information. The next step after that is to book a free on-site consultation with our Consultant.

During the on-site consultation, your family’s specific needs and considerations are identified, so that personalized plan, budget, and timeline can be developed. Following this meeting, we take the time to develop your individualized package and service estimate.

How can we help you?

We have many different services for you to consider, and we would be happy to offer any combination of the services listed below!

We can sort through household belongings

Under the direction of a Professional Organization Consultant, our team sorts, organizes, photographs and catalogues the contents of the home. Items to be moved are packed up, labelled, and itemized on an inventory sheet. Families are kept involved through online photographs to assist them to decide:

  • what to keep
  • what to auction/sell
  • what to give away to friends/family
  • what to recycle or donate
  • what to discard

We can sort through the documents

Our team of professionals can help with documents and paperwork. We sort through and organize all personal documents and ensure that private papers that need to be discarded are shredded professionally. And of course, we go through paperwork and books page by page to make sure that hidden treasures are not lost!

We can help to complete the necessary paperwork

Completing endless documents and forms can be overwhelming. Our consultants can work alongside the family to make sure that the accurate documentation is completed in a timely fashion.

We can organize a move

Moving is a stressful multi-part process, but we can simplify it for you. We can coordinate moving belongings to your new home. Our services will double check the loading as well as the delivery and make sure your possessions are handled with the care they require.

We can make a house ‘realtor ready’

After the downsizing is complete, we will arrange for a cleaning service to clean it from top to bottom. Not only that, we can organize for and check up on proper repairs and servicing. As part of our Family Solutions Group, we have the team and expertise to complete simple repairs as necessary, and we can book the professionals necessary to make sure that your home is made realtor ready.

We can set up in a new home

Are you moving to a new home? Not only can we organize the move for you, but we can efficiently set up your new home. Imagine what a relief it would be to step into your new home to find your items organized and tidy!

We can coordinate a sale

Often when we downsize, we have many items that need to be released to new owners. Our team can coordinate the sale of all relevant items, either through an in-house estate sale, or through an online auction. We will make sure that payments and pickups are facilitated. Following the sale, we will coordinate the disposal/recycling/donation of any unwanted items.

We can coordinate relocation and shipping of items

Are you sending some items to family or friends? Do they need to be picked up or moved across to another location? Or perhaps even shipped to another city? We would be pleased to organize the relocation.

What are the Rates?

In general, rates are assessed based on the service requested.

The Lead Consultant is billed at a higher rate than members of our downsizing team (per hour).

Your service estimate will provide a detailed overview of costs for your selected services, as it factors in the specifics of your home and situation.

Packages are often the best way to go, as discounts are built into our pricing formulas. When you are choosing more than one service, we offer a 10% automatic discount.


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