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Collaborative Proactive Solutions

Solutions Parenting Programs are based on the non-adversarial, trauma-informed approach to care developed by Dr. Ross Greene. The Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) approach believes that:

People do well if they can


that challenging behaviours occur

when a person lacks the skills to respond adaptively

to expectations, situations, environments.

PLAN B PARENTING APPROACH is the heart of CPS, as adults work together with kids to solve problems in mutually satisfactory and realistic ways. Parent and child each identify their own “needs” in the conflict, using empathy and creativity, look to problem-solve in a way that meets each set of needs

Plan B involves three basic steps: 

Step 1 – Identify and understand the child’s concern about the problem to be solved and reassure him or her that imposition of adult will is not how the problem will be resolved.
Step 2 – Identify and share the adults’ concerns about the same issue.
Step 3 – The child and adult work to brainstorm solutions together to assess potential solutions and choose one that is both realistic and mutually satisfactory.

The continuous use of Plan B helps solve problems that are precipitating challenging behaviour in a durable way while building helping relationships, thinking skills, intrinsic motivation, and confidence.

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