Aftercare Support

What happens when the program ends?

Families exiting either the INTENSIVE or the OUTREACH program streams can access a 12-week Aftercare Support phase. During this phase, the Keyworker continues to work directly with the youth and family to consolidate gains and taper off supports. This aftercare support phase allows families to continue with ongoing personalized support, training, and participation in Break Night support groups.

Post Assessment

  • Children and families are re-assessed to measure for progress
  • Healthy Living plans are reviewed, and goals are updated

Workshop Series and Support Groups

  • Participation in Break Night support groups can continue
  • Supplemental training material can be reviewed and families can retake previous workshops if needed

Follow Up Home Visits

The family Keyworker completes in-home follow up visits 2, 4, 6, and 12 weeks to support stabilization of skills.