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Solutions Outreach Stream

Solutions Outreach Stream is a team-delivered clinical and behavioural specialist program with program oversight by Family Solutions Group Psychologists.

Program Elements

Solutions Outreach: Clinical File Review

Psychologists review the child-specific assessments to identify needs and recommend next steps to assist the child.

Solutions Wellness Screen

Caregivers are screened for levels of wellness and burnout and assisted to prioritize healthy growth.

Solutions Healthy Living Plans

Wellness plans are developed to assist the whole family to focus on healing from burnout, building coping skills, and managing stress.

Solutions Outreach: Support Group

Our bimonthly support group strengthens both a caregiver’s health and resource base.

Solutions Outreach: Keyworker

The key worker directly coaches and supports parents while they learn how to implement new parenting strategies.

Solutions Outreach Placement Supports

While the child’s primary placement remains in their Family Home, parents can access respite in an attached Kinnect Respite Host Home.

Solutions Parent Break Night

This Parent Break Night is available for both the Solutions Outreach and the Intensive programs. Support groups happen twice a month and provide community building and focused training. Training alternates between two series:

Survival Series

Parents are supported to care for themselves and others in their family, while re-building healthy attachment and relationship with their challenging child. The two most valuable survival strategies are the practice of self-care and attachment parenting.


Effectiveness Series

This series supports parents to develop and strengthen parenting techniques and skills that work for their own specific child. Growth and improvement take place along the child’s own unique timeline.

Solutions Parenting Workshops Series

The Solutions Workshop training series runs in 4-month cycles. Workshops are facilitated by Behaviour Specialists, Psychologists or Clinicians and offer caregivers a time of relaxation and video-led learning. Solutions Parenting Program follows the Collaborative Proactive Solutions problem-solving process.

Workshops available to you:

Responsive Crisis De-Escalation & Personal Safety Training

Emotional Regulation DBT Skills: Series I, II

Parenting a Chaotic Kid

Relapse Prevention

Popcorn and Video Series

Recovery from Burnout

Solutions Clinic Psychology Services 

Psychological services are not included in the Solutions Outreach program stream. Families are encouraged to access both individual and family psychological treatment to ensure that they are maximizing gains. Funding assistance may be available through a benefits plan or FSCD family support.


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