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Solutions Parenting Workshops

Solutions Parenting Workshops series runs in 4-month cycles and offer the following courses:

Responsive Crisis De-escalation & Personal Safety Training

Non-abusive Crisis De-escalation and Personal Safety training is critical for families who wish to learn how to safely de-escalate a child or youth who is struggling to contain their behaviours. This parenting workshop supports caregivers to build their skills and confidence to appropriately defuse, intervene, and manage potentially volatile situations.

This full-day training is facilitated by one of our senior Behavioural Specialists, Barb Tenney or Craig Ryan. Both Behaviour Specialists have over a decade of experience working with kids and families in crisis.

Dates: TBD

Emotion Regulation ~ DBT Skills Training

This workshop series will assist caregivers to develop both their skills and their child’s skills to emotionally regulate. This parenting workshop provides direct training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills. This workshop will assist caregivers in:

  • Improving emotional awareness of themselves and their child
  • Maintaining emotional balance and assist the child to manage their intense feelings
  • Building strategies to keep healthy and to maximize their child’s health
  • Reducing conflict in their home so that every day is the best day it can be

Dates: TBD

Recovery from Burnout

Parenting child with high needs can be absolutely exhausting and caregivers are often left burned out and depleted. This parenting workshop series focuses in on recovery strategies to rebuild energy, hope, and health.

Dates: TBD

New ParentingWorkshop Details Coming Fall 2019:

Parenting a Chaotic Kid, Managing Grief and Loss, Popcorn Video Series