Craig Ryan, BA

Associate Director, Crossroads Disability Care

Craig began working with Crossroads as a youth worker over 10 years ago. Craig has extensive experience working with children and youth, in foster care and group care.  He has a steady, warm, and playful presence that welcomes people of all ages. Craig’s educational background is in Applied Psychology, and he is a trained mediator and psych. assistant. In addition to his managerial duties, he is a Host Home care provider with his wife, as well as a trainer for families and care providers in our disability support programs.


  • Craig loves to learn. He is constantly reading and listening to audiobooks. As a result, he is always full of interesting facts!
  • Craig has a wide range of interests from video games, to history, to rock climbing, to stained glass. He can connect with people whatever their interests and he is always interested in learning or trying something new.
  • Craig’s family fostered for many years and two of his sisters were adopted. Craig has a strong foundation of knowledge and compassion for foster families and children.