All Family Solutions Group member agencies and programs seek to make wellness possible for children, adults, couples, families, systems, and organizations.

  • We believe that wellness is possible.
  • We value learning and healing, change, and growth.
  • We value children, families, our staff, and our communities.
  • We value cultural competency and collaboration with community partners.
  • We commit to treat all persons served and partners with respect and dignity.
  • We seek to understand each person’s unique circumstance and life journey.
  • We strive to continuously improve both our programs and our service delivery.

Family Solutions Group is privately owned and operated. In 1992, we began providing psychological services in the community of Beaumont, Alberta. In 1997, Crossroads Family Services foster care program was added, as a growing need for stable temporary homes for children in crisis became evident. FSG has continued to grow in response to the ever-changing needs of our community through group care, youth work, family mentoring, behaviour support programs and life-skills training. Most recently, we have added programs specifically designed to address families caring for children, adults, and seniors with disabilities and specialized needs.

Today FSG is a multi-service organization providing front-line supports, professional expertise, and specialized programming for children, youth, adults, families, and seniors.

FSG is committed to building a community of strong and healthy individuals and families, always focused on our vision: Making Wellness Possible.

Our Staff