Kinnect Family Program

A family-centered treatment program, to provide education and strategies for atypical children and to strengthen parenting.

Four interconnected elements include our BDS Parent Coaching, Kinnect Intensive Program, and Solutions Psychological Services Clinic.

Our program launched in March 2019!

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Kells Counselling

Kells provides a variety of psychological services, including counselling, assessment, and trauma recovery. Kells works with a wide range of emotional, behavioural, situational, educational, and vocational concerns. Please contact Kells at 780-430-4769 with any questions or inquiries, or to book an appointment.

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Crossroads Family Services

We believe that life challenges can happen to any person or family. When the resulting pressures are overwhelming, all individuals can benefit from partnering for extra supports and strength. Shared caregiving can offer an invaluable resource to tired and under-resourced families as they seek to care for their children or their vulnerable adult family members.

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Solutions Payroll Services

Family Solutions Group has provided the core management services, including administrative and accounting support for our associated programs and services since 1992. Our team also provides payroll and accounting services for clients. Through our work with youth and adults with disabilities, and children in care, we understand client and family needs in Alberta.

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KSG Property Management

KSG is the property arm of Family Solutions Group. KSG manages and operates the R.K. Ryan Building.

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